Bookings an appointment during COVID-19

  • We are now taking bookings by appointments ONLY, no WALK-IN service will be provided.

  • You should come alone or escorted by one person from the same household only if necessary/guardian

  • Please come to the clinic by car or taxi if possible, or walk

  • You will be advised to wait outside the clinic until the time of the appointment

  • On entering the clinic your temperature will be checked

  • You will be asked to wash your hands or used hand steriliser.

  • You will be asked to fill a questionnaire prior to your appointment. Your appointment will be confirmed once you emailed the questionnaire back to as via email. Our Email address is:

  • Maintaining our  new safety measures also means we will not be able to see as may patients each day. Therefore, we are now taking late cancellation very seriously.  

  • You will be asked to pay through the phone once your appointment is confirmed. And we have a 24 hours late cancellation policy. 

  • Thank you for understanding

COVID-19 Risk Assessment  Questionnaire

Patient name:                                                   Patient contact details:

Patient DOB:                                                   Pre appointment date:

  1. Have you tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days?       Y/N

  2. Are you waiting for a COVID-19 test or the results?     Y/N

  3. You have fever or have you felt hot or feverish recently (14/21 days)?       Y/N

  4. Temperature above 37.5 degrees?     Y/N

  5. Are you having shortness of breath or breathing difficulties?     Y/N

  6. Do you have a cough?    Y/N

  7. Any other flu-like symptoms such as gastrointestinal upset, headache or fatigue?     Y/N

  8. Have you experienced recent loss of taste or smell?     Y/N

  9. Are you in contact with any confirmed COVID-19 Positive patients?      Y/N

Patients who are well but who have a sick family member at home with COVID-19 should consider postponing elective treatment. 

Based on your activity over the last 4 weeks how would you subjectively classify your risk of being exposed to or infected by COVID-19  (Please tick)

  • High risk -- Front line healthcare worker or confirmed case of infection at home

  • Moderate risk-- Key worker in contact with public but without symptoms or known exposure to an infected individual

  • Low risk -- Have been isolated/in lockdown alone or with family members with minimal social contact and no known exposure to an infected individual 

  • Previously infected and recovered -- confirmed by hospital testing with documentation (please bring documentation with you when attending)