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TCM Treatments

At ProAcu Clinic, we aim to help our patients conceive naturally. Our fertility treatment programmes are designed to improve both the egg quality of a woman, as well as the man’s sperm.  All the programmes have the potential to improve the environment of the female reproductive system in order to encourage fertilisation and implantation. Whatever the nature of your fertility problem, TCM can optimise your chances of conceiving, whether naturally or when combined with a method of Assisted Fertility Treatment.

Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation will be with Dr Ding who will discuss your medical history, any fertility investigations or fertility treatments you may have had, as well as your general health.  It would be helpful if you could bring the results of any investigations and treatment reports with you.

Starting your treatment

Before starting your treatment, we recommend that you have a health assessment blood test. Once we have received your results, you can start your TCM treatment.

To achieve the best possible results, we normally recommend patients come to see us regularly. During the follow up consultation, the review appointment will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes; we will ask routine general health questions, check your temperature chart, take your pulse and look at your tongue. Your medication may be changed according to our findings. You will also have a session of acupuncture afterwards, therefore please be prepared to spend approximately one hour at the clinic. 

Relaxing Regime

Those who commit to a treatment programme find it a wonderfully stress-free experience. TCM fits easily into a normal daily routine and can be easily adapted to suit your needs.

Traditional Examination


The first thing we will do as a TCM practitioner is carried out a physical inspection by observing your general and local physical condition, including your facial complexion and your body, as well as reading your pulse, and looking at your tongue’s colour and coating of its surface.  Each of these aspects tells us something about your overall constitution and the health and wellbeing of your body.



We will discuss your medical history in detail, including fertility tests, investigations and assisted fertility treatments you may have had previously; your lifestyle habits, sleeping pattern, diet, bowel movements, micturition and the woman’s menstrual flow and cycle.



We will take your pulse at three points on each wrist.  The pulse diagnosis is important in TCM because it gives practitioners information about your energy flow and blood circulation.