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Pressure Point Massage

Chinese Tui Na 

Chinese Tui Na massage is a form of bodywork based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Working along meridians (energy channels) throughout the body, the Tui Na practitioner taps into these energy points, using stretches, pressure points, and joint rotations, to balance the body’s vital energy (qi).

The name of this massage therapy modality comes from the two words describing actions in the treatment: tui means “to push” and na means “to grab or squeeze.” Tui Na has been called Acupressure massage.

Tui Na is a standard treatment in TCM hospitals and clinics throughout China, and continues to be used in modern TCM hospitals to this day. It can be used to either encourage overall wellness (through harnessing qi) to treat specific conditions like low back pain. Tui Na massage, combined with herbs and acupuncture, is a vital part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Helps with

chronic neck and back pain

musculoskeletal disorders


Pronotes Health Lactation

Boosts Blood Circulation

Relieves muscular tension

It is a safe treatment and is generally well-tolerated

It is not a gentle or relaxing massage

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