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Dr Yi Ding

Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor

ProAcu Clinic is a professional Traditional Chinese Medical clinic in the centre of South Woodford, East London.

Dr Ding is a fully registered and insured professional Traditional Chinese doctor. He is a member of ATCM (the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture)

Dr Ding received a bachelor's degree from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in 2002. He has over 19 years of clinical experience in China and UK. He worked as a doctor in a general hospital in China before starting practice in the UK. 

Dr Ding is extreamly experienced in acupuncture treatment, acupressure, massage, cupping therapy, reflexology, moxibustion and herbal medicine. He specialises in treating Neurological conditions, infertility, women's problem, depression, asthma, eczema, hayfever, pain problems etc.

Over the past 15 years of practising in the UK and Ireland, Dr Ding has built a reputation among his patients, as being professional, friendly and dedicated. 




I have never had acupuncture before and booked into this clinic based on their existing reviews only. Upon my welcome I have to say I was immediately greeted with a smile and made to feel very welcome. The Dr talked me through everything and suggested acupuncture and massage would help with my condition (Plantar Faciitis). Although prior warning that it can be rather painful in your feet I was pleasantly surprised that it was more than bearable. The massage was perfect and I already feel confident I have selected the best clinic! I have booked in for a further 6 sessions and would highly recommend this clinic to anyone!! They even picked up on my digestive system based on the pain and tension in my feet and we will soon focus on that too. I am very pleased to have found a resolution to getting back to normal. Many Thanks

I have never tried acupuncture until my doctor suggested it for my foot.i was extremely surprised after my first session, as my heel felt a lot better and I could actually walk freely with very little pain. I have had two sessions now and my improvements is 100% better. I would recommend this treatment very much.

I’ve been very impressed with the treatments at ProAcu and fully recommend them. I’ve had acupuncture a number of times and the approach at ProAcu has been the best I’ve experienced. Likewise the deep muscle massages I’ve had have really helped my neck, back and shoulders. The clinic is also very clean and new, and the staff very professional



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I have been to many clinics. This one is fantastic. He has magic hands. I'm pain-free for once. Fantastic. Really friendly staff. Love my weekly de-stress



Amazing clinical massage therapy. Booked it for myself got neck and back pain for ages. Consultation and treatment all in the price and the doctor really takes time to properly treat you. Professional care by someone who knows how to treat your problems well and tips on how to strech at home to relive the pain. Definitely recommended!!!



I was seen within half an hour for my severe back pain last Thursday and had another treatment on Friday. Now I feel much better then before. They are very specialise. I’ll recommend to anyone.



I have been suffering from neck, shoulder and back pain for many years. And it always came and went. I depended on taking pain killers to it. Because this time the pain killer does not work and I even felt hard to sleep, I decide to try acupuncture and message. Dr Ding is a very professional and great doctor. he use his expertise to treat my pain very well! The pain went next day after I took his treatment, I decide to come his place for regular treatment! Definitely recommend it!

Nicole H


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